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What Your Accountant Should Do For You

Ask now what you can do for your accountant…
…ask what your accountant can do for you.

Running a business consumes your life and requires expertise and guidance in respect of so many matters. How much more successful would you be if your accountant was focused on your long term success and security?

Does your accountant

  1. Have an interest in your business?
  2. Or do they just prepare Tax Returns and BAS’s for you?
  3. Meet with you regularly?
  4. Come to your office (if not how do they understand what you do)?
  5. Set up your accounting system so that it reports on your business?Or do they just use it to prepare Tax Returns and BAS’s)?
  6. Modified your reporting system to monitor the key drivers within your business?Can they show you the outcome of making changes to those key drivers?Or are you just going to keep doing tomorrow what you did yesterday (and somehow expect a different result)?
  7. Send you a free newsletter, e-mail reminders and other educational material as well as the opportunity to attend seminars & workshops?
  8. Have ever changing staff?
  9. Return calls and e-mails promptly?
  10. Have a panel of trusted advisors to assist with other specialised areas?

If your answers are mainly no and you would like an accountant whose focus is your future success and security, then don’t hesitate to call Alex on 9899-7511 to arrange an obligation free 1 & ½ hour meeting.Our clients can answer yes to these and other questions.