Upcoming key JobKeeper dates

Well, we have got through the enrolment process.  What a wild ride that was!  Whilst many fundamental questions remain unresolved, at least we have more clarity than we had last week.

So we just wanted to update you on upcoming key JobKeeper dates.

Before doing so, we remind you that enrolments only opened on Monday 20th April.  And registration prior to that was only of interest in the scheme.  If you have not enrolled since 20th April, then you will receive nothing until you do so. 

We noted that only some 500,000 out of the 800,000+ businesses that registered their interest in applying for JobKeeper had since enrolled as of last night.  In other words, one in every businesses has not enrolled.

Why such a disparity?  We reckon there would be four reasons:-

  1. Some don’t realise they still need to enrol.

  2. Many have found out that one way or the other, they are precluded from qualifying.

  3. They don’t qualify yet.

  4. They have a casual workforce and have chosen not to enrol and find they don’t qualify but have topped up casuals’ pays to $1,500 for which they don’t get reimbursed.

So what are the upcoming key JobKeeper dates?

4th May – identify all eligible employees AND notified all eligible employees and update them on process.

8th May – topped up eligible employees to $1,500pf (has been extended).

31st May – enrol to be able to claim for April JobKeeper fortnights (has been extended form last Sunday).

We welcome any question you may have.


At MRS, we will spend today planning for your success.