The 5 key things to implement in 2022

Hard to be believe this year is almost over!  It has been a tough year for many.  But that said, the economy has performed surprisingly well, we have high vaccination rates and statements from our leaders that we are not going back into lockdown.

It seems as though we can relax over the Christmas break with a degree of calm.

The Christmas break is a great time to take a breath and re-asses your work and personal life.

But having started work on the back of the 1983 recession and worked through the ealry’90’s recession, not to mention the GFC, the 1997 Asian crisis and other such events, the effects of covid will play out for a couple of years yet.  We are not out of the woods yet.

In light of the uncertain times that lie ahead, on Wednesday 12th January we will explore 5 key things to address and implement in 2022

  1. Re-evaluate how covid has changed your business and moreover how your business needs to adapt. In particular we will explore who is now your customer target base and how to find them.
  2. Amend your STP payroll reporting to not fall foul of Fair Work Australia obligations.
  3. Making a profit is the goal but the oxygen to a business is its cash flow. We will explore how to better manage and improve your cash flow.
  4. With a federal election looming, take up any advantage under existing tax laws.
  5. Being in business carries the risk of getting sued. We will examine key asset protection strategies to protect the wealth you have worked hard to generate and/or inherited.

You can reserve your place at this 45 minute webinar by clicking here

And as we are passionate about helping small business owners through these difficult times, we welcome your passing on this invitation to family, friend and business associates.

At MRS, we will spend today planning for your success.