Fair Work Australia relaxations for JobKeeper employers

First the background and then the good news. 

Employers who qualified for the initial JobKeeper system were able to avail themselves of relaxed Fair Work Australia provisions.

Such employers were able to:-

  1. Stand down employees.

  2. Direct employees to change duties or work location.

  3. Change their days of work.

  4. Request employees to take annual leave at half rate.

The good news for employers still doing it tough (as in they qualify for JobKeeper past 27th September) is that all but the fourth relaxation can still be utilised.

So employers who have qualified for JobKeeper for this December quarter can use these concessions until 28th February 2021.

But there is good news for some employers who dropped out of JobKeeper after 27th September. 

Such employers who suffered at least a 10% decline in turnover for the September 2020 quarter can continue to apply these concessions.  Such employers are called legacy employers.

But it is not automatic.  Such employers must:-

  • Have a certificate completed by their accountant or

  • For small businesses with less than 15 employees, complete a statutory declaration.

You can access a statutory declaration here.

That’s the short story.  There are a number of other requirements and paperwork to attend to. 

If you want to know more then please ask us.

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