Entertainment can be taxing

Entertainment can be taxing.  That’s an understatement as there are 3 aspects – tax deductibility, GST and Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT).  There are 38 outcomes depending on who does with whom where and why.  It therefore requires careful analysis

No wonder the ATO has such a great strike right in FBT audits on entertainment. 

But that’s not all that has to be considered.  For FBT purposes, an employer has to determine which of three methods produces the best result.  Although that said, the actual method for quantifying the FBT taxable value of entertainment is usually best for small employers (but not always!).

You can read more on the following factsheet – FBT Flyer – Meal Entertainment Factsheet

Confused or concerned?  That’s understandable.  We would be happy to discuss your situation.

We take this opportunity to state that the prudent action is to lodge an FBT Tax Return – even if nothing is payable (which is usually the case for small businesses).  This extra step is not a waste of time nor money as it starts the audit clock ticking – after 3 years the ATO can’t go back and audit you; don’t lodge an FBT Tax Return and the ATO can go back as far as they like.

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