Is your business required to have a QR code system in place?

Is your business required to have a QR code system in place?  With so much going on and such little information distributed by the state government about covid requirements, it is understandable you may not know.

The answer is it depends what your business does.

All prescribed businesses must have a QR code system in place by Friday 30th April.  The amnesty period, which has already been extended once, will come to an end this Friday.

A QR code system will not cost you anything other than your time if you use the Victorian Government QR code service.

So is your business one that must have a QR code in place by Friday?

You can check by clicking on the following link here.

And please remember if your business is not required to have a QR system in place, it will still have to record all visitors to your business premises.  So may be you are better off moving from the existing paper sign in register to a QR code system. 

You can access the paper log by clicking here.

You can access the posters required to be shown in your workplace by clicking here.


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