Cash flow control


In Xero’s most recent edition of Small Business Insights, they reported that those businesses with positive cash flow fell in December for the first time in four years.

What this means is that less businesses received more money than they paid out. With cash flow and cash holdings being the life blood of any business, this is of concern.

Business confidence was down in December. Retail sales were weak (but often this should be viewed in conjunction with January retail sales data).

We also have the doubt that comes when the polls say that there will be a change of government at the upcoming election. Last year Budgets tend to be generous but perhaps investors and households are more interested in what Labour’s major tax policies mean to disposable income.  People and markets tend to fear change more than the change itself.  The election can’t come soon enough!

Ask us if you want to find out ways to improve your cash flow.  We also have tools that help you control and predict your cash flow.  WE can even roll out a projection on a daily basis.  Stop losing sleep and ask us!

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