Why is the ATO suddenly asking you for money?

If you want someone to pay you then it is a good idea to send them a bill so they can.  Seems like common sense – but not to the ATO.

A number of clients have been surprised, offended and/or doubtful of recent payment requests from the ATO.  This happened as the ATO elected to cease sending paper activity statements.  It seems as though many did not receive a reminder through their MyGov account – or if they did, ignored it legitimately thinking it was a scam.

So will you get into trouble?

The answer is no.

We understand that the ATO will revert to issuing paper statements.

We do though recommend periodically checking your MyGov account just in case you have missed something.  Once you have opened a My Gov account, they will no longer issue you with a physical assessment notice; even we aren’t issued with one.  They also cease issuing super S293 notices and the like.

But never click on a link within a MyGov email as it may well be a hoax.  Log in separately from your internet browser.

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